KCL ABACUS F.C. was founded in 2007 by an ambitious group of King’s students of Chinese background. Tired of playing park football they established the team with the help of KCL ABACUS society and became an official team within the growing Chinese footballing community encompassing the University of London.

In November 2007, the Queen Mary ABACUS League was established to allow competitive football to blossom within the Chinese societies of the University of London (encompassing both ABACUS and Chisoc societies). Anti-discrimination has always been a policy of ABACUS and thus non-oriental players are welcome to compete in the league also.

2019-2020: Eric Wan (C) Isaac Fung (VC) 

KCL ABACUS FC had an extremely successful season with regular participation from both players from last season and freshers. KCL ABACUS FC had friendly fixtures against KCL Malaysian Society, KCL Chinese Society. We also won one of two London ABACUS football tournaments this year against Queen Mary, UCL and Imperial ABACUS. We aim to continue improving our team as we go into the next season and hope to introduce new members to our team as we strive to maintain our position as the best London ABACUS football team.

2017-2018: Victor Lim (C) Anson Lo (VC)

Retaining most of our players from the 2016-17 season, KCL ABACUS FC are in a good position to win another league title for the 4th year running. Despite the introduction of a new captain; Victor Lim, KCL ABACUS FC will continue to play the Arsenal way. Although we would like to retain the competitive aspect of the weekly football sessions, the aim this year is to also try and involve more of the society members.

2016-17: Anson Lo (C) Matthew Tsang (VC)

With many key players hanging up their boots, captain Anson Lo faces the monumental challenge of building the team again from scratch. Nevertheless, with the help of title-winning captain Matthew Tsang we are confident KCL ABACUS will maintain their position as a dominant force within the ABACUS football league. Good Luck Anson!

2015-16: Matthew Tsang (C) Jeffrey Chu (VC)

Despite a keen desire to carry on the success of the previous season, the league itself got off to a bad start with organisational hiccups resulting in it running at a smaller capacity kicking off after the new year in January. Nevertheless, as the old adage goes “you can only beat what is put in front of you”, and that is exactly what KCL ABACUS proceeded to do. Crucial victories to kick off the season against classic rivals UCL ABACUS (1-0) and new kids on the block LSE Chinese Society (2-1) provided the foundations for the dismantling of Queen Mary ABACUS (9-0) and LSE ABACUS (9-0). Maintaining a 100% winning record throughout the year, KCL ABACUS have reached the pinnacle of the ABACUS football league, going from humble beginnings to having won three of the last four titles.

2014-15: Jeffrey Chu (C) Gavin Goh (VC)

Just falling short at the final hurdle the previous season, KCL ABACUS faced a daunting challenge to go one better in the 2014-2015 season – under new leadership – having lost several first-team players to the responsibilities of adult life. Off to a slow start with a 1-1 draw against UCL Chinese Society, KCL ABACUS proceeded to win all their remaining games including a crucial 2-0 victory against eventual runners up UCL ABACUS to avenge last years’ defeat. Highlights included a 5-0 victory against Imperial College ABACUS, and a 7-0 victory against Imperial College CSSA.

2013-14: Gavin Goh (C) and Gary Cheung (self proclaimed Director of Football)

Gavin Goh continues his captaincy for a second year while trying to defend the coveted ABACUS League title. Unfortunately, what was looking like a successful campaign fell apart at the last game of the season in a 2-1 defeat to UCL ABACUS, gifting our arch rivals the league title. KCL finished the season in second place, eager to win back the league in the following season.

2012-13: Gavin Goh (C) and Russell Chan (VC)

Gavin Goh stepped up to take over the captain’s armband, aided by his right hand man and vice-captain, Russell Chan. In a breathtaking footballing season, KCL ABACUS remained undefeated competitively to win the London ABACUS League for the first time in history since the team was founded.

2011-12: Jeremy Loh (C) and Gary Cheung (VC)

Jeremy Loh was elected as the new Football Captain and under his captaincy, the team flourished in numbers and performance, finishing at an all time high in the league table. Memorable moments include an 8-0 battering of the ChiSoc team.

2009-10: Jeremy Loh (C) and Vincent Yeung (VC)

2008 – 09: Bo Sun (C) and Wilson Chan (VC)

In the 2008-09 season the squad grew to a impressive 18 players and an equally impressive 7th place finish in the league. 2009-2010 Season is perhaps the most highly anticipated season in KCL ABACUS history with seasoned veterans looking to secure silverware and fresh talent in abundance coming through the trials. KCL Abacus will be looking towards their star players such as the attacking talents of Wilson Chan, Michael Sam, Xulin Liu to deliver the goods in front of goal; aswell as defensive security from the numerous freshers showing outstanding reading of the game.

2007 – 08

In the first competitive season, KCL ABACUS came last in the league due to a poor squad size. But from year to year KCL Abacus FC have grown from strength to strength!