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KCL ABACUS, the ‘Association of British and Chinese University Students’ (英華大學生協會), was first established in 2005. It was formed as a way to unite Asian students from all backgrounds (HK-er, Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai, BBC etc.) to collectively celebrate our cultures.

ABACUS is truly a society which caters to your every need. Missing home? We celebrate major festivals such as Chinese New Year. Want to make new friends from different universities, or simply want to have fun with your KCL friends? We've got you covered, from dinners to nights out with our eight-university London ABACUS network (comprising of LSE, ICL, UCL etc.)


We are a society who prides itself on excellence. Our clubbing events are guaranteed to give you the best nights out of your life - the numbers speak for themselves, with tickets to our last Boat Party selling out within 1 minute.


We are also proud that so many lasting friendships are formed in ABACUS - just speak to any of our existing members. Many freshers (and seniors!) find their best friends through us, and we hope you will too. 

Don’t worry if you’re not Chinese, or don't speak Chinese. We are a society that prides itself on including everyone so whatever you enjoy, there will be something we can offer you!

Our membership entitles you to exclusive discounts at various Chinese restaurants across London, cheaper tickets to events – we promise it will be worth your time!



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Jonathan Lam


Hi! I’m Jonathan Lam this year’s ABACUS President. I’m a second year Biomedical Science student based in Guys Campus.

If you’re on campus you’re probably going to find me at my favourite food spot in London: the Kings Kitchen! Outside of university I love eating at dessert places and visiting nice bars so if you have any recommendations send me a message! I’m from Hong Kong but I’ve been studying in the UK for the past 5 years and ABACUS has helped me make many friends with similar interests (yummy food). The wide variety of ABACUS events from sports to clubbing has given me great memories and helped form lasting friendships .

I’m super excited to meet you all at our events and make sure to arrive early before Jess eats all the food! (haha Jonny, very funny)

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Jade Yang

Vice President

Hi everyone! I’m Jade, second-year International management student and your Vice President for this year! I'm Chinese but was born and raised in Spain until I moved to the UK for boarding school.

I normally should be around Strand and Waterloo campus, but realistically you’ll probably catch me anywhere but there...However, if you do see me around come say hi - or send me a dm <3 I’d say I’m pretty chill and love making new friends :)

I’m always up for checking out new places whether it be to eat, drink, or just to hang out - note if it involves matcha i’ll be even happier. 

Hopefully I’ll see you all soon x

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Alex Choi


Hi I’m Alex Choi, your ABACUS treasurer! I am a second year Economics and Management student and you can normally find me around Strand and Waterloo Campuses. I’m mixed Chinese and British but having always lived in the UK, I’ve found ABACUS a great way to stay in touch with my Chinese side.

If you don’t see me drinking alcohol then I’m probably drinking bubble tea with at least 100% sugar! I’m always looking to try new restaurants no matter the cuisine and finding hidden gems. I’m an avid skier and love snow and mountains. Also I’m really into tech startups and am co-founder of my own one so if you have a cool app/business idea hit me up!

I love meeting new people so feel free to say hi if you see me around or send me a message!


Annie Tran


Hi all, I'm Annie, your secretary this year! As a second year dental student, you’ll find me on Guy’s Campus. Feel free to wake me up from my naps in NHH to say hi, or join me as I drown in brownies in the Shed!


 Being a BBC, I’ve spent the past 19 years perfecting my list of the best places to eat (and drink) in London- you’re always welcome to join me! I also enjoy spending my time exploring, doing activities with friends, and meeting new people. If you’re ever bored, just send me a DM! 


My friends would definitely describe me as wild, but equally laidback and friendly. According to my latest BuzzFeed quiz, I am “extroverted, yet easy-going, which makes you a great friend that everyone loves to be around.” Can’t argue with the truth!!


I look forward to getting to know you all! 

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Evian Chai

Events Officer

Hellooo it's Evian here! I'm a 2nd year Dentistry student from Malaysia (widely contested), but I was raised in an American school in Shanghai. I'll be your Events Officer for the year!

If I'm not at Guy's Campus attending my lectures  (unlike SOME of my fellow comm members), you will probably find me in some restaurant or café, stuffing my face and taking insta-ho food pics! I love exploring London, so if you have anywhere you want to go check out, eat at, or drink in, just pop me a message because I'm 10/10 down.

I also love doing athletics, watching trashy TV shows, playing Animal Crossing, or looking at cute animals (especially alpacas). I also love meeting new people (does that count as a hobby??) so please send me a message so we can chat and get to know one another!


Looking forward to lots of fun times with y'all!


Jessica Lim

Publicity Officer

Hey guys! I’m Jess, your publicity officer! :) I’m a 2nd year Dentistry student, so you would (theoretically) see me around Guys Campus. 

I’m from Malaysia but have been a London gal since age 14, making me ANOTHER ABACUS foodie and boba addict by default = i'll gladly join you on your food runs! (Especially if sugar is involved). When I'm not hunting for my next insta story or "studying" in the NHH library, I’m binge watching kdramas (Lee Min Ho for LIFE) so if you want someone to spazz over your latest beau with, just send me a text!

My other hobbies include spamming my snapchat and insta stories.(a.k.a paparazzi-ing)

 Happily for me - it is now my job!


Smile up peeps and see you all soon! 



Kent S Phenca

Sports Officer

Yo, what’s up! I’m Kent, your Sports Officer of ABACUS this year. I am a second-year Biomedical Science student based on both Waterloo and Guys campus. I’m Chinese but was born and raised in Indonesia.

You might spot me on either of those campuses however chances are small (could count the number of lectures I attended on my first year using my fingers) I love eating, drinking, and playing sports. I might be skinny but I’ll give £100 to anyone who can out-eat me;) I do all kinds of sports and is always down to do random and spontaneous stuff so hit me up anytime if you need a companion  whether its 10pm at night or 2am in the morning xx

I’m funny, friendly, and fun to be around with no cap. Don’t be shy to talk to me or approach me! Looking forward to meeting y’all!